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CricketWeb Money Makers...


Global Moderator
Alright, had a bit of an idea, thought that I'd throw it out there and see what sort of reaction we got.

This is sort of like a gambling thread, with "virtual CW money". Everyone starts off with $500 dollars, and you can ask the odds on which myself and PY will give you for certain events occurring. There may be more staff added later. We may also post up our own odds on stuff like who will win the Battle of the Bands, Test match results or other sports.

Request anything from the odds of Glenn McGrath making 50 against the World XI, to the chance that The Darkness' next album will go straight to Number 1, to Shane Warne playing ODIs again, to Schumacher retiring at the end of the year.

If you'd like to become the resident bookie for a certain sport - as despite what we might say, myself and PY are not experts in every field - then feel free to post your interest here. Bookies may bet on other sports but not their own.

At the end of each month, everyone receives $50 extra so those who are broke can start again.

Please keep in mind that this really is just mainly for fun, and some odds may not be all that accurate. It's all just part of the fun.


International Coach
Well you two aren't going to be allowed to join. :p

Are you interested? This thread is just for expression of interest at the moment.


Cricket, Lovely Cricket
Some things I can think of top of the hat for people to place odds on:

Football matches including goal scorers for matches, season etc.
Cricket matches which wickets, runs, catches a specific player will have in his account
CW member random predictions like who will be no 14 on the post count list on day x etc.

Its nearly end of the month and starting a competition on September 1 would be apt.