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Cricket Web's Review of International Cricket 2009


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Cheers Martyn :).

I think I'll be giving this one a miss. Hopefully they've ironed out the questionable MOTM awards though:



Cricketer Of The Year
Very well written review. I haven't yet purchased the game yet but am definitely intending on it - as I mentioned in one of the topics a few weeks ago, the various new features look very appealing.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Yeah, very good review.

I'm stuck with the 2-day trial until the boxed version comes out in this part of the world, but the impressions it's given me are similar to those expressed in the review. I like the game a lot though and will definitely be buying it when I can.


Hall of Fame Member
yeah, might try the trial if it works on my computer, but very much doubt that I will be persuaded to buy it. Have avoided most of the more recent ones because there simply hasn't been a big enough improvement for it to be worth it and it seems the same for this version. Not really interested in cosmetic improvements, which the things like hawkeye, 3d graphics etc are, because essentially it always seems the same algorithms and database structure beneath. I'd assume this is why we don't see the extra domestic sides, ipl etc, because I'm sure there would be no shortage of volunteers to collect data for them.

If I looked at my wishlist say from the 2002 version, I'd doubt whether 10% of them have been implemented but there's been plenty of other things implemented which haven't really improved the game experience for me.

Mostly used to skim through OD games(put all my players on max aggresion or just sim them) and concentrate on the Fc games, the T20 games for me are even worse (though I know they have to be in there).

/old man

ps any improvement in stat tracking? (eg being able to see a proper breakdown of the guys career, not just this season and last?)
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yeaah can now see career,current, last year, last year -1 (so can look two years back.


International Regular
The amount of dropped catches really ****s me off, I thought the last ones were quite good for dropped catches