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Cricket Web Premier League - sign up and general discussion

Prince EWS

Global Moderator
Information for first timers:
  • The idea is to to draft a squad (16) of players to play a match right now (assume they aren't injured). There will be simulated injuries and form dips throughout the season the sim, so don't neglect your 12th-16th picks - you'll need them.
  • The matches will last for five days, so you should be focusing on long-form ability.
  • You're allowed to pick retired players, but keep in mind that the players who haven't played in a while wouldn't be amazing in real life and hence won't be amazing here either. An amazing player who retired in 2016 might go okay but he likely won't be world class, and someone who retired in the 80s will likely be useless.
  • Obviously my rating system isn't perfect, but it may be more sophisticated than you're anticipating. If you're familiar with my standardised averages project, it's based loosely on the same principles as that but also applied to domestic cricket. Picking someone from Irish domestic cricket with good First Class averages probably won't be the hack you think it is, for example, as the different competitions are weighted differently based on a number of factors.
  • If you want help managing the draft or setting lineups after the draft is over, we've got GIMH, Zorax and Vimes (possibly, depending on his vague post?) who were keen to play who have done this before, so they might be interested in teaming up with you if you ask them. Feel free to team up with others too if you like - we've had a few other people post in here saying they were keen too (I think I remember trundler and kingkallis off the top of my head).

Information for everyone:
  • 16 man squads.
  • 12 teams, so 11 rounds. We're not doing home and away pitches this time because it's a new sim I've created myself - I want to test the waters a bit before throwing different conditions at it.
  • 5 team final series.
  • Ladder points system as follows: 8 points for a win, 4 for a draw/tie, 2 points for having a first innings lead, 1 for a first innings draw/tie (10 points total each match).
  • 12 hour time limits between picks, after which you get skipped and can pick your missed player whenever you like. If your turn comes around again and you still have a player to pick then you get auto-skipped from your next turn as well. The exception to this will be everyone's first pick which I'll give a 24 time limit on to make sure everyone has a chance to see this has started.
  • Make your draft picks in the separate draft thread so I can see them all in a row when I need to.

Information for experienced players:
  • I see this as kind of a proof of concept and a test for the new sim, so some of the more elaborated features you've seen when I've run this previously won't be around.
  • No retentions for following seasons - don't recruit players you don't think will do well for you this time around.
  • No home/away pitches (see "information for everyone" section).
  • No Second XI games (although I do have a good idea for how to deal with these in an interesting way in later seasons).
  • ODIs don't count at all in the database yet (although I'm working on a way of dealing with this for players who it might help in later seasons).
  • No elaborate stats site for your players on CricSim (although I will post stat updates every round for you).
  • I'm going to ask James to open up the old subforum for this, which is here: Cricket Web Premier League (it's not open yet, but if you can't find this thread later, it'll be over there).
  • I'm just about to post the draft order
  • hype
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Prince EWS

Global Moderator
Oh, something I didn't mention in my info post was that banned/suspended players are also fine to select.