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Cricket Web Forumer World Cup - Information and Discussion


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An update

Hey guys. I've been swamped with various things so my forum exposure has been far more limited than usual. Apologies to James for my lack of moderation input, and apologies to all for the massive CWFWC delay. I'll be back properly shortly.


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11 days ago :ph34r:
Make that 28 days ago now.

I'm not sure why Prince EWS just doesn't admit it's not going to happen and that he's let himself, James and the whole forum down. Can we even trust him anymore? Can we?


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meh the fun of making fun of him has dissipated for me.

On a serious note I think he is played this masterfully. Think about this from a political perspective. If he admitted defeat a month ago he would have been chastised by various people. This way around there is no criticism we will all just forget about it and move on with our lives. The guy is a public relations genius. He is still getting votes in Battle of the members as well. Or at least he made it out of the first round. And that is proof that his strategy is working.


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Nah, the only difference this way is that people have realised it isn't happening at different times. Overall mocking volume probably about the same.

Think I'd rather he let us know wtf happened though.


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Himannv rues lack of practice at World Cup venues

Himannv has said Sri Lanka's lack of practice at the country's World Cup venues will rob them of some home advantage during the tournament. It is said that the overambitious skipper of the team turned up by himself for practice in the new venues.

"We would love to train at all the grounds [in Sri Lanka], but players dont seem to turn up to train," Himannv told CricketWeb after the gruelling training session on Wednesday. The glum faced wicketkeeper batsmen admitted that it was hard to bat, bowl and field all by himself.

"Its hard work, but I think we, as in I, learned something" said Himannv, wiping the sweat off his brow.

Despite their lack of preparation, Sri Lanka have, however, played a rain-marred practice match against Portugal recently at Pallekele which lasted 5 minutes as usual, due to the lovely tropical weather.

In other less exciting news, the much unfancied South African team have demanded that no more chokes.... er jokes are made at their expense.
Himmanv urged to "Get the **** with the rest of the team" / ESPNCricinfo

In a strong warning to wicketkeeper-batsman Himmanv, officials from the Bangladesh camp have urged the Sri Lankan-born maverick to rejoin the team at their training camp in Mirpur.

"He needs too get the **** with the rest of the team, as in right ****ing now" commented the Bangladeshi captain in a clear display of ire.

"He's been off practising on his own somewhere or other, I don't know, probably sleeping on his parent's couch or something. I've heard he still thinks he's playing for the Lankans. Well a fat lot of good he is three thousand sodding miles away."

"What a ****." added Teja, after solemn contemplation.

Under current Forumer World Cup rules, Himmanv was allowed to change his alliegence to second team Bangladesh after his native Sri Lanka were embarassingly ejected from the tournament.
Himannv catches a quick plane

After numerous mocking emails from opposition fans and home fans alike, the good looking batsmen, Himannv, finally checked his older mails and found, much to his surprise, a notice from the emigration department. News of the Cricket World claims that the batsmen has had a change of nationality without his knowledge.

With the media in full persuit, the wicketkeeper batsmen Himannv is said to have caught a quick flight to join his rather annoyed teammates for training.

Himannv's only comment to the laughing members of the press was, "It was all because of the rain".
Best ones IMO.


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I have been in this thread for 5 minutes trying to come up with a joke about PEWS but it has all been done before.


I cannot believe this is the 795th reply to a thread discussing something that does not exist.

Move the whole thing to the Testing Forum imo.:cool:


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This thing still has an active subforum? :huh: Will be terrible if India-England doesn't get one now.


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Looking at our side so far, and if we follow the usual NZ world cup path, Mike will be our useless **** **** opener, Hurricane or NZT will carry the batting the whole tournament, Athers will show potential but do a hammy dropping the soap and piss off home. Heef will break down before the semis, Mike will drop catches off me and Volteh in the semi, and Somers will swing away to 75* (40) in a losing cause chasing at some point.

And me being a bunny with the bat will lose us at least three close games, but someone else (Athers) will be scapegoated.
This thread did have its good moments.