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Cricket Web Forumer World Cup - Information and Discussion


International Regular
There were a whole heap of threads in here about Pakistan vs WIndies before and I got excited but it was a spam bot :(


Hall of Fame Member
As the days march on, this non-event is rapidly becoming an ugly blot on the Cricket Web history book. The faithful authors will dub this "Cricketwebforumerworldcupgate". I, for one, think they could come up with a snappier phrase.


Audio File

If there's one thing this thread reveals more than anything else it's the microscopic nature of CW's attention span.


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Wherefore art thou PEWS - I trust you will be working on the forumer world cup tonight rather than watching NZ vs SA.


Global Moderator
Humour aside, Hope Cribb is alright. Haven't seen him posting for ages, which is unusual tstl.