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Cricket Web Forum


Cricket Web Owner
Cricket Web Members,

As you may have been aware the Cricket Web forums (http://forum.cricketweb.net) have been closed for the past few hours. This was due to the forum being upgraded and a number of other routine jobs being carried out.

We are pleased to announce that the forums are now open for business once again and we hope you enjoy the changes that have been made.

These are just the start of things to come and we look forward to announcing the other phases in the coming days and weeks.

Any feedback, questions or problems relating to the forums can be posted in the Site Discussion forum, located at http://forum.cricketweb.net/forumdisplay.php?f=13 . You can also test the new features in the testing forum here - http://forum.cricketweb.net/forumdisplay.php?f=29


Cricket Web Team


Cricket Web Owner
3 more changes:

* Custom Avatars have been brought back for all users
* The minimum 10 character limit for posts has been removed
* The wink smilie has been replaced with another wink smilie.


Cricket Web Owner
Another change:

* Sigs are now text only and will not accept images or similies. Sigs will also only show once per page per user.