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Cricket Web Forum Rules - "Insults"


Cricket Web Owner
An announcement from the moderation team:

Considering the recent confusion regarding insults on Cricket Web, the moderating team would like to make certain rules more clear.

It is clearly not OK, and will result in a warning or an infraction if you insult other posters, even when using words that may seem relatively harmless to you, such as idiot or buffoon. This is not the type of environment we want to have on this site. The senior members especially need to set an example instead of trying to find loopholes in the rules - the fact that some have been trying to do just that is quite disappointing.

Second, it is also not OK to bait someone by calling a player an insulting name. This is where context is important. If the word is used in order to bait a reaction, then it will result in an infraction. If it is not used in such a way, then it won't. Talking down a player is fine, but when we feel it is being done specifically to get under the skin of another member or indeed the moderation team, action will be taken. Frankly, its almost always clear when it's being purposefully done in order to incite a reaction rather than an actual comment on an ongoing game or a particular occurrance or something to that effect. In cases where it's not clear, the moderating team will discuss it and come to a decision - and you of course have a right to email and appeal that decision if you think it was unfair.

The infraction system was put in place to keep everything consistent and to keep a history of people's behavior. The reason moderators still exist, instead of auto-infracting posts when it detects certain words, is that they can see common sense and use appropriate judgement. You know when you're trolling, and you know when you're insulting a member. So don't do it. It's that simple.

Finally, regarding the report function, it exists to assist moderators in locating problematic posts. It does not exist to assist members in trying to prove points about their own infractions. While we endeavour to maintain consistency in our decisions, we also value common sense and will use our discretion in examining the context of each post. If you do not find a post problematic, it is not OK to report it in the interests of an ongoing consistency gripe you hold with the moderation team. If you don't quite understand why you've received any particular infraction, you're free to email us and we'll give you a detailed explanation.

As always, please send feedback to moderators@cricketweb.net if you have any comments or suggestions.