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Cricket Web - Fantasy Cricket - T&N Trophy Challenge IV


Cricket Web Owner
With Cricket Web's T&N Trophy Challenge IV Fantasy Cricket Competition coming to a close we've created the 5th in the series of the Fantasy Cricket competitions.

This competition is the biggest yet and includes 30 ODIs over the December/January period which are displayed at the bottom of this thread or can be viewed here http://www.cricketweb.net/fantasycricket/matches.php

If you're new to Cricket Web's Fantasy Cricket you can create an account here http://www.cricketweb.net/fantasycricket/signup.php or if you already have an account you can login here http://www.cricketweb.net/fantasycricket/logon.php

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email the Fantasy Cricket team at fantasycricket@cricketweb.net or leave a mesage in the Fantasy Cricket forum http://www.cricketweb.net/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=66

We look forward to having you all invovled!

Cricket Web Fantasy Cricket Team

T&N Trophy Challenge V

Start Date - 30-09-2004
End Date - 13-02-2005

Below is a list of the matches that will be played for the selected competition.

Australia New Zealand 05-12-2004 Telstra Stadium
Australia New Zealand 08-12-2004 Sydney Cricket Ground
Australia New Zealand 10-12-2004 Brisbane Cricket Ground (Gabba)
Bangladesh India 23-12-2004 Chittagong Stadium
New Zealand Sri Lanka 26-12-2004 Eden Park
Bangladesh India 26-12-2004 Dhaka
Bangladesh India 27-12-2004 Dhaka
New Zealand Sri Lanka 29-12-2004 McLean Park
New Zealand Sri Lanka 02-01-2005 John Davies Oval
New Zealand Sri Lanka 04-01-2005 Jade Stadium
New Zealand Sri Lanka 08-01-2005 Westpac Stadium
Australia West Indies 14-01-2005 Melbourne Cricket Ground
Australia Pakistan 16-01-2005 Hobart
Pakistan West Indies 19-01-2005 Brisbane Cricket Ground (Gabba)
Australia West Indies 21-01-2005 Brisbane Cricket Ground (Gabba)
Australia Pakistan 23-01-2005 Sydney Cricket Ground
Australia West Indies 26-01-2005 Adelaide Oval
Pakistan West Indies 28-01-2005 Adelaide Oval
South Africa England 30-01-2005 Wanderers Stadium
Australia Pakistan 30-01-2005 W.A.C.A. Ground
Pakistan West Indies 01-02-2005 W.A.C.A. Ground
South Africa England 02-02-2005 Goodyear Park
South Africa England 04-02-2005 St George's Park
VB Series Final 1 VB Series Final 1 04-02-2005 Melbourne Cricket Ground
South Africa England 06-02-2005 Newlands
VB Series Final 2 VB Series Final 2 06-02-2005 Sydney Cricket Ground
VB Series Final 3 VB Series Final 3 08-02-2005 Adelaide Oval
South Africa England 09-02-2005 Buffalo Park
South Africa England 11-02-2005 Kingsmead
South Africa England 13-02-2005 SuperSport Park