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Cricket related stuff that doesn't really deserve a thread


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Six Pakistan cricketers test positive for Covid-19 in New Zealand.
Six Pakistan cricketers have tested positive for Covid-19 while preparing for an upcoming series in New Zealand, while the entire team has been issued a “final warning” from the government after members of its extended squad breached isolation rules.
NZ Cricket has issued a statement confirming six members of the touring squad who are currently in managed isolation in Christchurch had tested positive for the virus.
Two of these six results have been deemed “historical”; four have been confirmed as new. The cricket authority said that all members of the 50-plus touring squad had tested negative for the virus before leaving Lahore.
But NZ Cricket also said it had been “made aware that some members of the Pakistan team had contravened protocols on the first day of managed isolation”.
“We will be having discussions with the tourists to assist them in understanding the requirements,” it said in a statement.

The NZ Ministry of Health issued a terse statement saying that “several team members have been seen on CCTV at the facility breaching managed isolation rules, despite clear, consistent and detailed communication of expected behaviours while in the facility”.
“The team as a whole has been issued with a final warning,” it said in its statement.

“It’s important to note that all incidents of breaches occurred within the facility and there is no risk to the public."
This ****ing ****s me. WTF is wrong with people?


Whatever it takes!!!
Sometimes the smallest act of carelessness can endanger an entire community. Irrespective of these players' age and mental faculties, there are non-negotiables you sign up for as a professional sportsman representing your country at the international stage. They need to do better.