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Cricket on YouTube


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I hate that in many of these old highlights, the camera is often at an angle, you cant really make out how much those nasty inswingers are ducking in :(


Global Moderator

5 of the 6 wickets are either through slower balls or yorkers. 3 of 6 are through slower ball yorkers. The most fun LO bowler ever.


International Debutant
There is a youtuber called Cricket King Zohaib who uploads all 1990s cricket games from the subcontinent and UAE. Must check out his channel!

thierry henry

International Captain
That's incredible - that was 20 years ago and I remember distinctly watching that live, and remembering he went down the tunnel and gave something an almight wack. I also remembered it was Ranatunga but thought it was actually a leg side strangle. Weird how the mind works
Hate to do this to you, but 1990/91 is 30 years ago, not 20.