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Cricket Kasoti


Global Moderator
I got this idea from a classic Pakistani TV show, though I'm sure there are versions of it all over the world. In this version of the quiz, you think of a cricketer and then have people ask you 20 Y/N questions.

We ran this over at planet cricket for a few years and eventually ended up with the following rules to make it easier (reckon we don't need some of these on CW):
  1. Must have played for their national team in at least 5 matches
  2. Hint after 15th question
  3. Quiz runner not to answer two or more questions posted in quick succession, so one at a time
  4. An incorrect guess usually means game over, but we did it so it just rules out the poster from asking more questions
  5. Winner can run the next quiz
  6. When answering questions, all statistical questions should be assumed to be for Tests unless stated otherwise.
Thoughts or modifications? If anyone is interested I can start the first one.

List of players already picked:

- AH Kardar
- Gundappa Viswanath
- Ian Bell
- David Boon
- Henry Olonga
- Marcus North
- Brian Lara
- Holly Colvin
- Heath Davis
- Venkatesh Prasad
- Mohamed Ashraful
- Maninder Singh
- Craig Matthews
- Chandika Hathurusingha
- Travis Dowlin
- Adam Parore
- Aamer Sohail
- Dhananjaya de Silva
- Stan McCabe
- George Hirst
- Bert Sutcliffe
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