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Cricket Bat Recommendation ?


Cricket Spectator

This question may have been asked many times but I really do with some sort of help.

I started playing local club cricket after a break of atleast 12 years - I was bit financially restrained so didn't get the chance to fork out on expansive bat so bought cheap Slazenger from Sports Direct for a £10err please don't laugh lol, at the time I wasn't sure if I will be playing for more than a restricted season - even with that bat I was able to score some runs but my God it was hard I think I only scored couple of boundaries in 8 matches I played but just mostly drives through cover, mid wicket, back foot late cuts etc and now I really want to get in the game and started looking at budget bats around £100 as I am not a slogger at all and prefer play drives I was thinking of getting Newbery Excalibur Oz 2.11 - 2.12 as it's only £99 on website - or some once can suggest anything better for that price ? or anyone have experience of Newbery Phantom, Excalibur or N Series bats ?? I don't have preference really but do like Newbery.

PS: I bought Kahuna 7.0 in Harrow but I think its too lite weight - I would rather buy SH as I am 5.9' - Though I only bought Kahuna Junior as I been told that it's a good bat and same style senior bat is about £250.



Cricketer Of The Year
Hi Sam,

To be fair, you will be hard pressed to find a quality bat for just 100 pounds. You might be able to get a decent second-hand one for that much, but I would advise opening up your bat budget a little bit more to get yourself a quality bat with a good middle. Will make batting a lot easier & you most likely will find that with a poor quality bat your technique will get screwed up as you may tend to overcompensate/overhit the ball to make up for what a cheap bat might be lacking.

If you are looking to save as much as you can, perhaps looking for a bat that hasn't been "pre-knocked in" might be the go, as I'm pretty sure they are a slight bit cheaper. Tbh you can afford to be thrifty with all types of cricket equipment apart from your bat.


Cricket Spectator

This entirely depends on the style of your batting, holding grip & techniques. Pinch Hitting - Go for a bat with good amount of grains & short bat handle.


Cricket Spectator
I would say that you should go for a quality bat from a good cricket shop online or offline. Make sure it is not heavy to swing and fits perfectly for you.