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Cricket Balls


School Boy/Girl Captain
For the 2012 club season, any recommendations for cricket balls, ie what type and best value places to purchase them online?


Cricket Spectator
Cricket balls

It depends on the quality of players and length of game played.

We sell many more Readers balls than other brands, with the Readers Gold A the best selling match ball. Most bowlers will tend to stick with a cricket ball they get most wickets with and if you change the brand or type of ball, only to see the wickets falling decrease, expect to get an ear bashing.

Readers, Dukes and Tiflex are probably the 3 best selling brands in the UK. Surprisingly the Kookaburra range of balls doesn't sell as well in the UK, as it does in other countries. I like their mid range balls but, they are slightly more expensive than Readers.

A decent match ball should always be a four piece ball. The quality then is reliant on the type of core and quality of stitching used.


Global Moderator
Having used both types, the Kookas in England are a completely different type of ball than what gets used in Australia.


Cricket Spectator
It may be the case and possibly the reason Kookaburra are transforming their UK range of cricket balls. Over the next few years Kookaburra will be re-branding the cheaper balls available in the UK market.

The Gold Crown will be now known as County Club and the Super Match will be known as the County Star. This is the same as in Australia. This will allow Kookaburra to produce a range of balls in India/Pakistan that can be split between all markets and not have ones specific to any individual country.

Hopefully the quality will be the same as the Aussie model.


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Anyone have any experience using SG Club 4 piece balls? In nets or in matches, particularly white and pink? Not sure if this is the same quality used in club cricket in some parts of the world or not. Wondering how they hold up, whether they're bat breakers or go soft too soon or any other issues.

Pretty reasonably priced, can get 6 white ones for 2.3k INR and 6 pink ones for 4.5K.


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Wait are you just using them for nets? If so then go ahead. They aren't bat breakers or anything, they just don't hold up well.

Not worth it if it's for games though, else you'll likely have 22 unhappy players by the end of it.


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Just for nets. I'll probably pick up a couple of SG Tests anyways just to try them out, they seem fairly cheap too.


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Six cheaper cricket balls for equivalent to $45-88? Fmd, you'd be lucky to get two for that here.


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SG Test are the best value for money in the world. $25 odd per piece and they often hold up better than other more expensive ones I’ve tried.


Cricket Spectator
very cool smart cricket ball. Check this out http://myball.biz/

it is tracking your bowling technique. Speed of the ball flight, revolution per second and it is building 3d trajectory of the ball flight. Results on your phone!