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International Debutant
At least they have fixed the app where all the IPL scores were put in the International section ABOVE the Tests. But you're right the front page is dreadful.


Global Moderator
The massive videos at the top are ****ing annoying, not least because half the time they have nothing to do with the headline.


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It's still struggling that they debuted this new theme days before the WC. People hating a re-design but then getting used to it is such an established thing on the internet, so they ignore this history?

anyway im not used to it yet. reading less content tbh


Cricket, Lovely Cricket
Reading far less of cricinfo nowadays. The layout is terrible. The articles also have so much if variation in quality.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
The new layout is disgusting, if that's what you mean.
If that were the only issue I could live with that - I get a huge pop up that partially obscures the scores box, every single time, and then the whole thing loads incredibly slowly (which doesn't surprise given there is much on it), but even when it has finished loading the links seldom work first time, and often just won't function at all - what really pissed me off this morning and prompted this thread in frustration was the story about Tymal Mills career threatening injury which I am simply unable to access, even when I am able to scroll down and see the ****ing thing (which isn't often)


International 12th Man
Yeah it's a bit of a disgrace afaic. Had already been reading the articles less in the years since I've been on here but now use Cricinfo exclusively for live scores. And even those aren't what they used to be. Navigating through them on a mobile device to find a specific game is a pain in the ass.


likes this
Yea the sidebar is ****ed up now. When you open it the scores are there and you can click on them. But then it suddenly disappears and you can't get it back. And then you gotta click through several links to get to the score.

Plus the mobile app is borderline useless.


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The layout sucks, the popups are disgusting, half the videos(match point analysis, press conferences etc.) don't even play for me. Its's just a complete mess.


Whatever it takes!!!
It was just a facade to give more spacers for folks to advertise in their site.. Everything else Sambit Bal has written about the redesign is the usual corporate bull**** when they try to say every **** move they make to get themselves more money is somehow in the best interests of the employees, the nation and the world.. :p