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Create a Cricket Wallpaper and get a 100MB Cricket Mail Account


Cricket Web Owner
I'm looking to get more quality wallpapers onto Cricket Web's Wallpapers page.

To those of you with some graphical ability if you create a wallpaper that is considered to be good enough to post on the wallpapers page I'll give you a free 100MB Cricket Mail account.

Only photos from Cricket Web can be used.
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Yeah I know I should be revising, but to make up for my lack of work I'll do you some..

Can I not use my own photos? (Assuming your rule is because of copyright worries)


Cricket Web Owner
Thanks for the wallpaper Nikhil - it's up on the site - :)
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Cricket Web Owner
Hoggy31 said:
Here it is, Its not very good but oh well :)
Thanks for taking the time Hoggy. However, it doesn't really meet the standard I'm looking for.

I'll still happily give you the 100MB Cricket Mail account if you like :)

Pedro Delgado

International Debutant
James said:
Thanks but have a read of the initial post again.

Only Cricket Web photos can be used.
Well naturally I assumed all the above legends would grace the hallowed database of CW, and didn't check...

<runs away in embarrassment>