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County Cricket (Season XIII-XIV)


Hall of Fame Member
Never happy to lose, but very happy to see 2 Rabid Wolves in the final (the only 3 Webbers in the semis as well).

Top innings by 'Great' Scott. Should have been MOM IMO

SirBloody Idiot

Cricketer Of The Year
Bad luck to my WRRW captain, but ultimately a fantastic win to the Leicestershire boys!

Hopefully we can transfer some of this success into the List A and first class forms of the game.

Great work as always Liam.

Mr Mxyzptlk

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I'm going to Tobago from this afternoon until Saturday afternoon, and due to the general beachiness of it, I probably won't have much time for CW. So here are the rounds until then.

English County Cricket Round 62-65
Leicestershire: NG Scott
Warwickshire: KJ Gough
Somerset: RJ Dauth
Hampshire: NS Pickup
Northants: DP Richards
Durham: CR Butler
Surrey: PE Young
Gloucestershire: JE Stedman
Essex: DM Kennett
Derbyshire: AP Cloete



International Coach
Hwah, 67 off 37 balls...that is a record SR for me I'd have thought!

Pretty decent FC game too, though annoying that I couldn't go on with it as no-one else managed to either.


Hall of Fame Member
Im pretty happy. My OD form is patchy but Ive taken a few 5fers in FC and that is great for me.