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County Cricket 2022


U19 Debutant
Neither were injuries apparently, both were tactical retirements.

Brathwaite retired himself out because he wasn't picking the leg spinner who was due to bowl the next over (and in an 8 over game couldn't afford another low scoring over).

Samit was retired out by his team for the final ball of the game, which he wasn't due to face, because his teammates wanted someone faster as the non-striker who could potentially run a quick 2.
Thanks. I suppose it's within the rules and if you can bend them to your advantage as they stand, then why not - however, both of these seem pretty sneaky.

Tom Flint

International Debutant
Whatever happened to hit out or get out?
Patels one is completely wrong imo. Like bringing on a top fielder in a key position to get a lanky bowler off the pitch after his spell.


Cricketer Of The Year
Nah don't mind it at all. You gotta be strategic. As long as it doesn't waste time.


Hall of Fame Member
When Brathwaite retired out to avoid the leg spinner, the bowling side should have feigned an injury and replaced a bowler more suited to bowling to Sam Hain. I mean, really, this is just a recipe for teams to start taking the absolute piss.


Hall of Fame Member
If you read the article, Moores acknowledged they didn’t have to bowl the leaggie. They could have just changed their mind


International Vice-Captain
It's weird. Sky seemed to have done away with the speed gun for all domestic games this season. And yet the occasional county internet stream has added the speed gun this year.


International Vice-Captain
A few ropey looking squads for the return of the championship tomorrow - with england players away with test and ODI squads, and injuries taking a toll.


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According to Cricinfo's live scoring, an unidentified opener is currently at the crease for Durham. I'm led to believe it might be Rachin Ravindra?

EDIT: Yep, confirmed. They've figured out who he is now.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
the ultimate domestic bowler.

tall, accurate, slow. gets poles for fun despite being way less talented than everyone around him.
Should do alright in County cricket then, 1-17 from 16 augurs well.

Cove winning the battle of the bros ATM, Jove and Surrey very much winning the war though.


International Vice-Captain
haha jamie cracks craig on the head, craig collapses on the floor, and Jamie goes running after the ball rather than checking on his brother.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
haha jamie cracks craig on the head, craig collapses on the floor, and Jamie goes running after the ball rather than checking on his brother.
Cove walked off to be replaced by Siddle, Jove then sconed davey, and Cove came back out after assessment, safe to say Jove is probably a bit fast aTM, but Somerset are somehow making some runs amongst the carnage.