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Collingwood retires from test cricket


Cricketer Of The Year
I will miss his nurdles, his shovels, his nudges, his clips, his blocks and above all his prods

edit: and his big ginger cojones
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Norwood's on Fire
They just showed a list on Sky, and him and Swann is the 5th highest bowler-fielder partnership for England in terms of catches. Amazing thing was though, the number of matches was much lower than those above it.

Cracking fielder, basically.


Never a great test batsman, but a great competitor and a great chap to have in the team. Absolutely squeezed his talent for all it was worth.

Hope he plays on in the limited overs games for a while yet.


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Yes well played Collingwood. Shared in some real triumphs for England over the past half decade.

Will resist the churlishness of Marcuss in the Ponting tribute thread and respect the man for the good competitor he has been. Well done him.


International Regular
Will really miss having Collingwood around. He's really made the most of his talent.

One of my favourite cricketing memories comes from a day at Edgbaston where I watched him score a 100 under pressure against SA. Went to 3 figures with a straight 6 :)

Mister Wright

Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
I will always remember his innings in Adelaide to get 200 and even his 90 odd in Brisbane (I saw that live). He made those runs against Warne & McGrath too.

Can never doubt his competitiveness.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
The guy was a tough nugget, wasn't pretty to watch, but at times he was a hero.


International Regular
Best batsman for a crisis since Graham Thorpe. Will be missed.
Must be remembered that if it weren't for Colly we wouldn't have regained the Ashes in 2009 and we certainly wouldn't have got a series draw in SA.

Can't really see Morgan playing those innings', but maybe he'll be a better batsman overall and he won't need to...


Cricketer Of The Year
What a fighter, I think we're really going to miss him. His two 'brigadier block' innings last winter in South Africa come to mind. He might have not scored many this series but I think the guys owed him after Adelaide 06.

And as for his fielding... one of the best in the world.

Noble One

International Vice-Captain
Collingwood has forged a terrific Test career. I imagine few could imagine the career he would create for himself when he made his Test debut. A man for a crisis, but retiring at the right time with England finding themselves in fewer tough situations.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Pretty damn good career, particularly given that for the majority of his career he was pretty meh. Helped England get the Ashes in 2009 and draw in SA, among other things.


I can't believe I ate the whole thing
Certainly wasn't the 'prettiest' of batsmen to watch I've always enjoyed watching him bat, and he's always had that air of a fighter about him. His 200 at Adelaide is unfortunately overshadowed by the rest of what happened in that test (he was not out in the second innings too, with the highest score - 26), but really was a fantastic knock.

Hope he continues to have a good ODI/T20I career. Unlike Tests, his time in those formats is not over.


International Coach
Mixed feelings about this for me. Collingwood still amongst the top 6 batters in England if you ask me so this is a bit premature. I respect his decision, if its actually his decision, but if he was pushed I think its just plain stupid. Morgan is hardly banging down doors in FC cricket and Bopara has been a proven failure at the test match level. Hildreth the only person who's really made any claim and theres question marks on him too.

Nonetheless, think hes been a brilliant player for England, one who has proved me wrong time and time again. Hope he continues to build his career in limited overs cricket.


Virat Kohli (c)
TEC, I've told you this for 6 years now, but you've spelled "overrate" wrong in your sig.