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Chris Gayle vs TM Dilshan (all formats)

Gayle or Dilshan

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Cricketer Of The Year
Chris Gayle is a brutal hitter of the cricket ball and plays high impact knocks. His game is based on power and eye. Very useful off spinner, and a safe fielder.

TM Dilshan is a middle order batsman-turned-opener. Plays high impact knocks, and the game is based on reflexes. eye. quick hands and placement. Useful off break bowler, dependable keeper, and ATG fieldsman.

Both of them score quick, but uses different methods for it. Gayle better against pace, Dilshan better against spin. Both have loose techniques, and was expected to deteriorate after 35. But Dilshan 39, and Gayle 36, still hammering the bowling around. Gayle probably plays more impact knocks than Dilshan. On other hand Dilshan is a better test opener than Gayle.

Who do you prefer?


Cricketer Of The Year
I actually rate Gayle higher in tests, ODI's its definitely Dilshan and T20 its a bit of a tie, although if you are including franchise T20's then Gayle is definitely much better. On the whole I'd probably take Dilshan since Gayle simply hasn't played enough during his relative peak for various reasons.


Hall of Fame Member
Always considered Gayle a more intimidating presence at the crease. Just his capacity to make world class quicks look like club bowlers.


Cricketer Of The Year
Innovators, both of them. Voted for Gayle though. It was a really tough choice I can assure you.