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Champions Trophy 2013 - General Discussion


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Just realised India will be forced to use the DRS in this. Good stuff.


Thu Jun 6
Group B : 1st ODI - India vs South Africa
Sophia Gardens, Cardiff
Fri Jun 7
Group B : 2nd ODI - Pakistan vs West Indies
Kennington Oval, London
Sat Jun 8
Group A : 3rd ODI - England vs Australia
Edgbaston, Birmingham
Sun Jun 9
Group A : 4th ODI - New Zealand vs Sri Lanka
Sophia Gardens, Cardiff
Mon Jun 10
Group B : 5th ODI - Pakistan vs South Africa
Edgbaston, Birmingham
Tue Jun 11
Group B : 6th ODI - India vs West Indies
Kennington Oval, London
Wed Jun 12
Group A : 7th ODI - Australia vs New Zealand
Edgbaston, Birmingham
Thu Jun 13
Group A : 8th ODI - England vs Sri Lanka
Kennington Oval, London
Fri Jun 14
Group B : 9th ODI - South Africa vs West Indies
Sophia Gardens, Cardiff
Sat Jun 15
Group B : 10th ODI - India vs Pakistan
Edgbaston, Birmingham
Sun Jun 16
Group A : 11th ODI - England vs New Zealand
Sophia Gardens, Cardiff
Mon Jun 17
Group A : 12th ODI - Australia vs Sri Lanka
Kennington Oval, London
Wed Jun 19
1st Semi Final ODI - TBC vs TBC (A1 v B2)
Kennington Oval, London
Thu Jun 20
2nd Semi Final ODI - TBC vs TBC (A2 v B1)
Sophia Gardens, Cardiff
Sun Jun 23
Final ODI - TBC vs TBC
Edgbaston, Birmingham
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If the Windies make the finals semi finals win a match we'll never hear the end of it
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Cricketer Of The Year
semi finalists sa, wi, aus, sl
winner: aus over sa
Weren't Aussies smashed 4-0 in England by England during their last visit? Australia's record in world events over the last few years hasn't been all that great apart from 09 champions trophy.

I'd have England and SA as favs for winning it all along with Pakistan (u never know with them).

India will probably struggle due to crap bowlers and openers. Would love it if they gave Umukt Chand a chance to open, dude's a big match player and we desperately need an opener, no better opportunity I say.


International Regular
my 2c,

England will make the semis, home conditions, strong batting line up, but lack the bowling depth after the first 15-20 overs, will make the final if Broad and/or a 4th bowler fire

South Africa also to make the semis, very strong bowling line up, but are overly reliant on a few batters, so have a good chance to make the final, but i dont think they will.

Australia, have a very strong attacking batting line up, with good bowling. Probables to make the final, but susceptibilities to swing may cost them.

Sri Lanka are the wild card, some very good players in form atm, i have a feeling they will make the final but lose out to Australia.

New Zealand will cause an upset or two, with McCullum at 6 to finish in great form, and two opening bowlers in form as well, but are too susceptible to slow starts and/or top order collapses. Hopefully Guptill can fix that when he comes back, but i doubt we will make the semis


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England hopes probably rest on Bresnan being fit and back to speed so to speak. He adds so much when he is fit as the 4th pace bowler and at home I think England should reach the semis at least. After that it is all on a bit of luck as to who performs on the day but with 2x new balls, home conditions and a good pace attack England will probably never have a better chance of winning a tournament.


International 12th Man
Semi finalist

England and Australia.

England will win. Being the best balanced side helps.


International Captain
Why isn't Lord's a venue?

Edit: in fact they're only using 3 grounds. Seamy roads unlikely come the semis.
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International Debutant
Pakistan have a good chance of making the semis - they will be touring Scotland/Ireland beforehand so they'll be reasonably acclimatized before the tournament proper.
After that, it'll hinge on whether the guys can hold it together. We do tend to play well in England.

Can't see Sri Lanka progressing from the group stage tbh.

With India, their chances hinge on two things:
1) their openers
2) Their seam bowlers

with 2 being a much bigger concern.

I'd opt for Rohit and Pujara to open - think that's a combo that might work ok in England.


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It's definitely his knees imo. Doubt he'd be dropped from the squad without playing a game for no reason.


State Vice-Captain
WI has the strongest team for the tournament!! Expecting them to win the finals..
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