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Caption This : Indian Team :)


You'll Never Walk Alone
"Although at first look it might seem like these five gentlemen look the same, only one of them is using Lynx Hair Gel. Lynx Hair Gel - stand out from the crowd."


U19 Captain
DAMN! I just logged in right now to post this picture :(!

Yuvraj: "Good crack, can the bowlers exploit this opportunity to make good use of the new ball? Or would the cherry go unexploited?"


State Vice-Captain
'Dear Indian Sports Fan

My colleagues and I all greatly appreciate the way in which you have come over to spend time with us. Given the effort that you put in to walk over here and ask for an autograph, I feel that it would be rude for me to fob you off with a cursory 'Best wishes'. Therefore, I intend to make this a day that you will never forget by allowing you to crouch here and watch whilst I write an essay entitled 'The Pros and Cons of Being a Sporting Hero...'


International Captain
Having been unable to distinguish Sachin Tendulkar from his poorly made, second rate, clones, this Indian cricket fans decides to look for autographs elsewhere


Cricket Spectator
Yuvraj - 'See, Sachin, this is the kind of stuff you missed when your friends were in college and you were touring Pakistan'
Sachin - 'What? Oh, yes, this water is very nice!'
Yuvraj - *sigh* He'll never learn.


Cricket Spectator
Well Alll credit goes to camera man who shoot this pic at the right moments.

Thanks god at least our legend is not peeping at private part ... but this is real fun and showing our cricketer is also human being and showing natural act ...