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Can someone help me with computer problems?


U19 Cricketer
I have International Cricket Captain and it doesn't work which is a real pain considering it is the best game i have ever played. Can anyone help me, my problem is that it sort of freezes. The mouse can staill move but i can't do anything. Dan, one of the creators of the game and the creator and designer www.cricketgames.com, sed that it is my virtual memory but that was fine, then he sed that it could be my Slave/Master settings but he didn't tell me wat to change them too so i left him an email and he didn't answer me. Also someone told me to reinstall windows and i did one better and wiped the whole computer and re-booted it. That did not work either. Then they sed it was the CD but the exact same thing happens to me in ICC2. Then they sed its the comp, i admit that its bad, but the game works on my dads 133MHz!!! i don't play it on that because it takes 2 or more hours each one dayer. I eventually got a professional computer technician to check it out. He bought me a new CD-ROM (thats wat he thought the problem was), a new Motherboard, a whole new Hardrive. He literally bought me a new computer in the same case!!!!


thanx to everyone who tried to help unsuccessfully.

please, anybody, no matter wat age or experience (as i am only 13).

Thanx in advance

:cry: :cry:


Cricket Web Owner
Sorry but I can't help you :( :I.

You might have to go back to the job you got the game from and get your money back.


U19 Cricketer
i think its 64MB RAM but i am not sure. Can u tell me how to find out the answer cos i am very slow with computers.


U19 Cricketer
Good, but not good, now i still don't know the problem. I am getting the same computer technician in a again to do something, god knows wat. I am going to ask him to change my Slave and Master settings to the right ones, which he has know i idea wat, as there are no "right ones."

now the only thing i can do is pray :cry:


U19 Cricketer
yeah, i know. I never knew about the U2U messages until tonite when u sent me the messages. How do u check them?
Is it the U2U thing at the top of the page?


State Vice-Captain
Write down all your system's specifications including your Windows and DirectX version. You can also contact Microsoft through their toll free number or http://support.microsoft.com . Their technitions may be able to help you. Have you accessed Empire's help pages?


U19 Cricketer
yes, they sed it was my virtual memory and they told me wat to change it to and it worked worse than bfore!! i think

Windows 98
Intel Pentium 266Mhz (pathetic i know)
64Mb RAM
i don't know if i have a Direct X supported Graphics card, opps, thats probably the problem.
loads of free space
Dunno about Direct X supported soundcard either.
Direct X 8
54x CD-ROM drive


State Vice-Captain
Have you contacted Microsoft? I think that your system's specifications are perfect except the fact that you haven't mentioned the graphic card and sound card.