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Book Competition - Wisden on Grace (Currenly Open)


Cricket Web Owner
Cricket Web in conjunction with Bloomsbury publishers are giving away free copies of some of Bloomsbury’s finest publications. These include:

  • Wisden on Grace
  • Wisden India
  • Wisden Cricketers Almanack 2015

Now obviously we are going to make you work for these quality and valuable books by asking a series of questions as each book becomes available. First we will start with Wisden on Grace – which you can find a review of on the site. We have three copies to give away and you just have to answer the following questions and send your answers to info@cricketweb.net.

  1. W.G. Grace had a brother; E.M. Grace. While W.G. was known as the ‘Doctor’ what was the medical moniker of E.M. ?
  2. G.F. Grace, famously, in a Test match, caught a batsman as he turned for the third run. Name the batsman?
  3. Name the player who surpassed W.Gs record of 126 first class centuries?
  4. How many tours of Australia did W.G. make?
  5. Who is the Editor of Wisden on Grace?
  6. Which team did W.G. score 400 against?
  7. How many of the Grace brothers played Test cricket?
  8. Name two authors of Grace biographies?
  9. Why did Grace, late in his career, declare his team score closed when he was personally on 93 not out?
  10. What was G.Fs highest Test score?