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Bobby Simpson's Scathing Critique of Australian Cricket

archie mac

International Coach
Craig said:
But would the counties agree though? They sign a player and have him withdrawn with less then 24 hours notice and yet they have trained and played him enough to help the opposition.

Of course this may happen if they aren't in the touring party, but that only happens because of an injury/ies.

2nd XI or league cricket would have been the better options, but again it goes back to what I have said, a league club maynot agree as they have shelled out the cash to sign their one foregin player (if that is their restrication) and have him pulled away with similar notice?

IMO it is a lot easier said then done.
True, but if the counties did not have to pay the players, and the restrictions for OS players could be suspended, etc etc Oh I see what you are saying it might be a bit tough :D


Cricket Web Staff Member
If the counties did not have to spend a penny I'd be more than willing to see it implemented.
Somehow I can't see that.