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better left arm spinner - Derek Underwood or Bishan Singh Bedi?


School Boy/Girl Captain
was wondering who should be the second spinner to headley verity in an all time lefty 11.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Bish for me - Deadly was a great bowler but uncovered/damaged wickets were what he really thrived on, and we never see those now, and Verity was not dissimilar to him anyway


International Vice-Captain
Bishan "I like to buy my wickets" Bedi. I'd love to see him transplanted into this time. He wouldn't stop flighting and batsmen wouldn't stop going after him. I reckon he would be more successful than one might think at first.


International Vice-Captain
Underwood. Both were great at home, but Underwood has an easily superior away record.

a massive zebra

International Vice-Captain
One could certainly make an argument for Wilfred Rhodes as the second spinner to Verity in an all time lefty XI. In the first few years of the 20th century, he was probably as good a bowler as Underwood ever was. Didn't maintain this level for as long as Underwood of course, but he was a far better batsman who might allow you to play an extra bowler. Ravi Jadeja would be another option, or Johnny Wardle if you want two top class spinners and have the runs covered elsewhere.


Cricketer Of The Year
Bedi had some nightmares against Pakistan and although to a lesser degree Underwood against West Indies. Underwood is 2 points clear of average, so i'd give it to him. And he must have been fun to watch too, an unorthodox left arm spinner.

Lillian Thomson

Hall of Fame Member
Shame on Fred for perpetuating the myth about Underwood and uncovered pitches. He could bowl on any surface with accuracy and penetration. He was better than anyone else on a sticky, but was no more reliant on them than anyone else. He benefited in Tests no more than a handful of times. Ironically he benefited from a sticky most against Pakistan in 1974 at Lords when the pitch was covered but the covers leaked, and Headingley in 1972 when the pitch was covered for too long and developed a fungus.