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Best World Cup 2010 Promos


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Nah, took the cheese too far. And there's nothing I love more than getting teary-eyed and sentimental about football so if it didn't do it for me it's missed the spot.

That U2 guitar riff is brilliant though. Have to appreciate its use here.


Hall of Fame Member
Yeah, that Write The Future ad is pretty amazing I have to say. Sickening and packed full of soulless shills as well of course, but that's a bloody good three minutes of television that a lot of feature film directors would be happy to have to put together.


So obviously not real life tho; Drogba doesn't throw himself to the ground when he gets into the box or scream "It's a ****ing disgrace" straight into the camera & there's two English strikers featured and not one broken metatarsal.


Evil Scotsman
Apparently ITV ****ed up when showing the ad after the Champions League Final, cutting it 10 seconds short.

So Nike aren't happy, and might withold paying for the ad. :D


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Well, if yer not in the mood for the WC, those ads certainly help get you there.

Loved the Pub team one. Cracker. What a gent Sir Bobby was.