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Best ODI uniforms


The artist formerly known as Monk

I love the era from 79-88. Not a fan of the vertical stripes. I like the new one for the WC, looks cool.


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Tie between the 79-88 and 2003-2005/2005 home kit for me, canary gold ought ought to be the main feature anyway.

And what were they thinking with that grey 20/20 kit? just woeful
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Is it really right to call them "uniforms"?? Shirts, tops, kits or jerseys.........uniforms just sounds so cub scouts tbh.


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Australia are just transforming into South Africa over time.
The T20 WC singlet thingy was a disaster.

NZ wins this hands down with that kit posted by Athlai.

I actually liked England in red, could have done with a bit more blue though.

India generally always looks the same.

Pakistan meh, not much they can do besides steer clear from a mucus colour


International Coach
The 80s and 90s were pretty decent. Design went down the crapper once Sahara got hold of the sponsorship.



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Some of those Indian tops are awful. Those 1993-1994 with yellow as the predominant colour just looks wrong, it has to be blue. I really like the 1992 WC, and 2009-2010