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Best limited-overs kits of the decade: 2010-2019


Cricketer Of The Year
As we come to the end of the decade thought it would be a good opportunity look back at the best (and worst) kits over the last 10 years.

What are your favourite kits, international or otherwise, from this decade?


International Coach
It's worse than I remember it, looks like they're wearing sweatpants.

That's the one.


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Australia have put out some really bad ones this last decade. Quite a contrast from the excellent ones of the '00s.

And the king of all ODI kits..

Compare it to this one...



International Coach
I've liked NZ's ones this decade (ANZ-sponsored) probably the best. I think its a good example of sponsors fitting the team's jersey pretty well instead of looking like trash.

On that note, nominating Australia's Alinta-jerseys to be on the garbage list. Looks like a subcontinental gas/phone sponsorship.


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Had no idea what Byju’s was until this thread made me look it up. Khan Academy should’ve gone that route, missed out on some serious cash.


International Coach
I didn't realise that new teal NZ one (which is pretty fantastic) pretty much has one of those proposed new flag designs from a couple of years back. Interesting.