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Best knock by a tailender?


International Regular
At the risk of sounding blasphemous for naming Lord as a mere tail ender, I would say Shardul Thakur's knock at Gabba and his twin master pieces in the 4th test in England last year were certainly for the ages.

Prince EWS

Global Moderator
It's definitely Harbhajan.

I don't think it really counts when regular tailenders do it as night-watchmen tbh. It has to be a proper wag and Harby was it.
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Steyn is a great shout especially given the attack, but Harbhajan edges it for me for sheer ****block value.


International Vice-Captain
If your after genuine tail enders (not near all-rounders like Johnson Warne or Vass) then surely Dale Steyn 76 Vs Aus after he came in 8 down 150 behind in the first innings rates a mention, was definitely fairly crushing as an Aussie after the Waca Test.
I would count Warne as a tailender. Warne had some great knocks in the Ashes 2005.

Vaas and Johnson averaged in the mid-20s so they are near all-rounder level.

Prince EWS

Global Moderator
I would count Warne as a tailender. Warne had some great knocks in the Ashes 2005.

Vaas and Johnson averaged in the mid-20s so they are near all-rounder level.
Vaas averaged over 30 in the second half of his career too. He started off in essentially 'no mug with the bat' territory - a good #9 - but from the time he turned 26 or so he was definitely a bowling allrounder.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Warne was a genuine tail-ender who occasionally played a great knock out of nowhere

Would definitely not call him anything approaching an all-rounder

ashley bach

International 12th Man
Here's one that may not quite qualify for the OP but reckon it deserves a mention anyway.
Ewen Chatfield was a number 11 and not a very good one at that. Around the mid 80s NZ were at home to Pakistan and Chatfield arrived at he crease
having just witnessed Lance Cairns(father of Chris) get hit flush on the skull with no helmet, by a certain Wasim Akram.
Not the most inspiring thing to come out and bat to by any means, but Chatfield somehow played the innings of his life, some exact details are lost
but along with Jeremy Coney, he batted for about 2 hours and won the game for NZ.
Only thing I remember for sure, is he got 21* which was his highest test score.


Hall of Fame Member
That reminds me of Collin Miller's 43. Didn't even hit 50 but for a batsmen that crap, and considering he pulled Ambrose for 2 sixes, it was magnificent


Cricketer Of The Year
Walsh made a 30 against Wasim and Waqar. If I am not mistaken Hooper hit a daddy hundred from the other end.