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Best Ever Fielding XI


Global Moderator
I couldn't see anywhere where this had been done recently - though I'm sure its been done. The third paceman was difficult - I had a mental blank about any quicks who can actually field aside from Flintoff and Lee - no doubt someone can suggest something.

Bob Simpson
Mark Taylor
Ricky Ponting
Mark Waugh
Jonty Rhodes (c)
Andrew Flintoff
Andrew Symonds
Don Tallon (wk)
Shane Warne
Brett Lee
Another decent fielding quick.

Fielding coach: Philip Tufnel

A slips cordon of Simpson, Taylor, Warne and Waugh, with Tallon keeping woud be pretty damn imposing - not much is going down there.


Hall of Fame Member
Botham, Sobers and Hammond all spring to mind. There's got to be some other ground fielders who are worthy of a spot too - it can't be all slippers.


Global Moderator
I'll stick Botham in for now. Mark Waugh was great as a slip and as a ground fielder. Taylor might be the slip who'd go first, I'm sure there have been other openers who were great ground fielders. Boonie opened and made square leg his own, maybe he should go in.


International Coach
Roger Harper was outstanding if you want 2 spinners.
Around the square - Clive Lloyd, Derek Randall & Colin Bland spring to mind.
Solkar was supposed to be amazing at bat-pad.

Oh, and Hadlee could field. There's the famous running catch he took to deprive himself of all 10 against Aus in the mid80's.

The really outstanding fast bowler-fielder was Keith Boyce. I'll leave it there.
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International Captain
1. Bob Simpson - First Slip
2. Mark Taylor - Second Slip
3. David Boon - Short Leg
4. Colin Bland - Cover
5. Ricky Ponting - Mid-off
6. Jonty Rhodes - Backward Point
7. Ian Botham - Third Slip
8. Ian Healy - Wicketkeeper
9. Roger Harper - Mid-on
10. Brett Lee - Fine Leg
11. Kerry O' Keeffe - Gully


Global Moderator
Unless Bland was an allrounder (apologies, I'm not familiar with him), you've only got two quicks. I'd think you'd have to have Symonds in this team.


Global Moderator
LongHopCassidy said:
8. Ian Healy - Wicketkeeper
Healy is probably the best keeper I've seen, but those who saw Tallon all seem united in insisting he was the most gifted keeper ever. Harvey rates him as being the best keeper ever by the same margin that he rates Bradman the best batsmen ever. (The fact he played with Tallon might colour that comment somewhat, but lots of others seem to agree he was the best).

He was also a better bat than his record indicates - he lost what seemed likely to be his most productive years with the bat during WWII.


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Matt79 said:
Mark Waugh

Handy in the cover/point region, is Melbourne lord mayor John So...


Virat Kohli (c)
LOL! John So is a legend.

When he showed up at Big Day Out and said something like "Rock On" on stage, the crowd's roar was unbelievable.