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Best All-Rounder


U19 12th Man
Can we stop with this pointless threads ? It serves not purpose, and it just repeating.

Btw, Jacque Khalis is the best All roudner :D :D


Eyes not spreadsheets
Langeveldt said:
Hence Kallis being the best all rounder in the world...
Kallis with the ball since 2003:

Tests (22) - 34 wickets at 45.5, eco 3.08
ODI's (41) - 28 wickets at 43.5, eco 5.39

Is that what you call potent?


Cricket Web Staff Member
Indeed, there were times when he was considered a better bowler than batsman (very brief times, I hasten to add).


International 12th Man
yup, in his day he was a master bowler, and was definately one of the best all rounders going around...surprised not to see botham on that list from yesterday!

today i'd have to go with kallis, cairns, razzaq and the upcoming shahid afridi (he's still only 24). Shoaib Malik if he gets to bowl, is a very very under rated all rounder as well.