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Beige Brigade Interview


Cricket Web Owner
I'll be conducting an interview with the head of the Beige Brigade within the next few days.

If you have any questions you'd like me to ask fire away :)


Cricketer Of The Year
Wow, that'd be a great experience to interview that mob... :D

Erm...their favourite moment in New Zealand cricket history (preferably in beige of course :happy: )?


Hall of Fame Member
After introducing babywear recently, is there any plan to offer cradle-to-grave services and branch out into coffins?

What do they think of the Underarm81.co.nz crew?

How long do they see the fad lasting?


U19 Debutant
Ask them if their ***uality has ever been doubted by people who hadn't heard of them based on their dressing sense :p. ..


Why latch onto some hideous fashion nadir from the 70s when NZ in all sports traditionally play in the coolest of all colours?! :D

Johnny Cash wasn't The Man in Beige.... ;)


Cricket Web Staff Member
Now that genuinely is an interesting one.
Though James could probably answer it himself!


Richard said:
Now that genuinely is an interesting one.
Though James could probably answer it himself!
I am a kiwi and I would support Aus just like I am going to for the ashes

Sir Redman

State Vice-Captain
This Ashes series will be the only time I ever want the Aussies to beat someone. I really dont like the thought of hearing all sorts of rubbish about how great England are. If England win I can just about guarantee that someone will call them the best side ever.