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Before They Were Test Cricketers


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Babar Azam - ball boy



Jason Holder, Fire in Babylon
Kemar Roach was one of the kids in the ScotiaBank Kiddy cricket program. Kraigg also

  • pening batsman Kraigg Brathwaite has joined fast bowler Kemar Roach as the two Scotiabank Kiddy Cricketers to play Test cricket.

    Brathwaite, the 18-year-old Barbadian schoolboy, is making his debut against Pakistan in the Second Digicel Test at Warner Park and became the fifth youngest West Indies Test cricketer to do so.

    Roach, the 22-year-old speedster, also from Barbados, made his Test debut in 2009 against Bangladesh in St Vincent and has made 12 Test appearances thus far.

    Both Roach and Brathwaite recalled being part of the Kiddy Cricket displays at Kensington Oval during their primary school days.

    “I was part of the programme and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It used to be fun getting a chance to play during the lunch breaks,” Brathwaite said.

    Roach said: “I had a great time! I remember being out their running around and hoping to one day make it on the big stage.”

SKNVibes | Brathwaite joins Roach as Scotiabank Kiddy Cricketers to graduate to playing Tests


I suppose, back in the days of (sh)amateurism and 6 month county contracts most test cricketers would've needed a way to earn a crust.

Denis Compton famously wintered playing for the Arsenal, Ray Lindwall kicked goals for St George, and, outside of the sporting realm, WG Grace was a medical doctor, however nominally, DR Jardine a lawyer and, along with quite a few quicks of his era, Harold Larwood was a miner.


U19 12th Man
While he was undoubtedly a cricketing shamateur, Grace did genuinely practice as a doctor outside of the cricket season, other than the few occasions on which he went on an overseas tour.


International Regular
How about Ian Chappell played baseball for South Australia and was selected in the All-Australian baseball team before he was selected for Tests

But can't beat Keith Miller was a fighter pilot in WW2 before he played Tests
Future NZ captain Geoff Rabone was a WW2 Lancaster bomber pilot,

Line and Length

Cricketer Of The Year
Brian Statham was a clerk in an accountancy firm in his late teens. He was a more than useful soccer player but when Liverpool and Manchester City offered him a trial his father vetoed him as he opposed his son pursuing a career in football. Interestingly, when at school he played football and cricket but became disillusioned with the latter and successfully took up tennis.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
At 17, Shane Warne was an average schoolboy cricketer who was better at batting

At 18, he played 3rd grade subbies while earning money delivering mattresses and pizzas

At 18, he went to England and put on 30kgs

At 19, he played 2nd grade district cricket

At 20, he was discovered by the doyen of Australian spin bowlers (Rodney Hogg :laugh:) and received a scholarship to the Cricket Academy

At 20, he was expelled from the CA for exposing himself to some uni girls at the order of the Minister for Sports

At 22, he debuted for Australia and the rest is history


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Should also mention that at 21, he was given a 2nd CA scholarship but not allowed to live in the academy as he was a bad influence allegedly

Instead, he stayed with a convicted fraudster who became his mentor

Entire coaching team resigned or were sacked during his time at the academy

Such is the price of having a genius on your hands