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Battrick Wiki


Cricket Spectator
Hey guys, I know I don't come here often, but we are in need of some assistance.

About 12 months ago we (Me and a mate) started a Battrick Wiki to give people a place to learn and help others out as a whole community. Since starting it there have been 3 or 4 main users, posting the majority of the content.

I admit I had gone overboard with the spam protection until recently I implemented a newish (I have used it a on a few sites now) captcha called KeyCaptcha, which is fantastic and has stopped all spam and allowed users to post/register freely again.

Basically, there is nothing to gain from the site for me personally, any advertisement proceeds cover the cost of hosting the site, and excess(there is none at the moment) will be put aside for competitions and giveaways that we have planned for the future.

So, what Iam asking is if there is anyone who would like to come along and help out with content, formatting, creating, editing, anything you like or enjoy doing, would be amazing. It has been a constant 50- 100 visitors per day for a while now, but there hasn't been much editing/creating.

We are also the new home of the famous Kegguts BTHF (Battrick Help File) so that brings in a few visitors too.

Well, thanks for reading and considering helping out, any help at all would be greatly appreciated, and would help everyone in the Battrick community (The site is listed on the useful links page on Battrick.org so we are recognised in that regard.)


- Shaw


International Debutant
I would, but I'm not keen on wasting more time on such a rigid match engine. soz.