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Battrick Hall of Fame


Best Batting Innings: Carl de Beer (202*)
Best Bowling Innings: Ty Holt (8/68)
Catches: Allan Heads (175)
Stumpings: Allan Heads (27)
Fifties: Nigel Dylan (35)
Hundreds: Nigel Dylan (38)
Lowest Batting Average (min 10 innings): Ty Holt (1.58, 38 Innings)
Runs: Nigel Dylan, 8594
Wickets: Nick Hodge (225)
5 Wicket hauls: Nick Hodge (14)
Highest Team Score: 411-1
Lowest Team Score: 22-10


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Hmmmm, where does one go to get club records etc. again?

Heh, found it.

Best Batting Innings: Brian Adams (243*)
Best Bowling Innings: Hamid Meyer (8-24)
Catches: Wayne Moloto (272)
Stumpings: Wayne Moloto (7)
Fifties: Liam Harris (22
Hundreds: Liam Harris (25)
Runs: Liam Harris (5996)
Wickets: Toby Verhoeven (246)
5 Wicket hauls: Toby Verhoeven (14)
Highest Team Score: 445-3
Lowest Team Score: 56-10
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Son Of Coco

Hall of Fame Member
For Coco's Nuts:

Best Batting Innings: Shaun Nkosinathi (220*)
Best Bowling Innings: Gene Mabudafhasi (8/20)
Catches: Lee Howard (249)
Stumpings: Lee Howard (16)
Fifties: John Ashton (36)
Hundreds: Trevor Farrell (18)
Sixes: Trevor Farrell (64)
Runs: Trevor Farrell (5179)
Strike Rate: Shaun Nkosinathi (113.59)
Wickets: George O'Grady (173)
5 Wicket hauls: Gene Mabudafhasi (9)
Highest Team Score: 422/1
Lowest Team Score: 19/10


1 Duncan & Nkosinathi 308 (ave=60.86)
2 Greene & Nkosinathi 345* (ave=61.92)
3 Britton & Beresford 239 (ave=73.25)
4 Nkosinathi & Hutchinson 243* (ave=47.77)
5 Beresford & Howard 120 (ave=35.61)
6 Farrell & Williams 46 (ave=8.86)
7 Nkosinathi & Mabudafhasi 33 (ave=5.12)
8 Nkosinathi & Hartburn 46 (ave=6.95)
9 Julian & Ogrady 44 (ave=6.33)
10 Julian & Crompton 46 (ave=6.51)