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Battle of the Ashes Moments


Norwood's on Fire
2005 and all that

Surprised none of the anti-Bradman goons in CC have brought up that he was a dirty cheat, though


Gilo. Jeez we choked hard chasing a relatively puny target. When GoJo holed out I don't mind admitting I was in bits and convinced we were about to pull defeat from the gaping jaws of victory. Thank God for Ash & Hoggy.

Spofforth in the 2nd; stories like that are part of the bedrock of the contest.


Cricketer Of The Year
I've just been watching MCG 98/99 on ESPN Classic - Slater walking on an LBW - seen it so many times, but it stays great


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
(4)England going ahead in the 2005 Ashes 10 vs 6 (71)"Fine bloody way to start a series"

(67)Bradman and Ponsford's 451 2 vs 13 (29)"This thing can be done"


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Battle #14

(3)Gary Pratt running out Ricky Ponting at Trent Bridge
4th Test: England v Australia at Nottingham, Aug 25-28, 2005 | Cricket Scorecard | Cricinfo.com
44.1 Flintoff to Martyn, RUN OUT! Martyn plays this to cover and runs, Ponting sets off for a single, he runs hard, Gary Pratt, the 12th man, throws the stumps down and Ponting is gone! 155/3


(63)Glenn McGrath's 5fer at Lord's
16.1 to Flintoff, McGrath gets another one bang on target, Flintoff can do nothing as the ball keeps low and crashes into the stumps! McGrath has five wickets and England are in deep, deep trouble. 21/5
YouTube - Glenn McGrath