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Battle of Cricketers II - CW's Favorite Cricketer (now underway)


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Whats the policy on changing votes?
No changing of votes.

Otherwise if your 1st Choice is getting through then people will change their votes to their 2nd/3rd choice later to get them through at second place if they can.:p


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Let me do a vote appeal for Dhoni :cool:

Ladies and Gentleman, Dhoni represents what the average, passionate, dreamy eyed, 8 year olds in nondescript, small towns and villages of India dream to become one day. An attacking batsman who demolishes the bowling attacks at will in India's favourite format of cricket. A captain who has this magic touch that allows his team to win big tournaments for fun.

Imagine an average Indian kid playing cricket on roads, in rain, barefooted, with a bat cut out of log. He draws inspiration not from Tendulkar or Dravid who grew in towns that were centers of cricketing excellence, but from Dhoni who comes from a state that has consistently been in the bottom quartile in domestic tournaments. He rose from such background to lead the team of this cricket crazy nation without anyone noticing the swiftness at which it happened.

Add to that the fact that he is the nice guy who has done nothing on field to ever bring the game to disrepute. He also has that rare quality of forgetting it all once it's over and go back to what he loves doing in life, like riding bikes. How can you not love this guy!

Dhoni is the man
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Battle 1
Brett Lee

Battle 2
Imran Khan (the reason I started following cricket)
Joel Garner