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Cricket Spectator
Pathetic from Bairstow. No moral fibre, feeble gutless shot from an absolute moron.


He did stink up the joint (I mean, being caught leg slip first ball was a change to his usual "bowled through the gate whilst essaying a big, booming drive", but still indicative of a mindset that's shot to ****) but really he's just another victim of our not having a test #3's arsehole since Trott.

Like most of our even vaguely test quality batsmen (Pope, Stokes, Buttler et al) he looks most at home in the middle order. And, maybe more than the other three, he has some technical issues that mean his natural game is probably the least suited to three in the longest format.


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Steve Smith-27 centuries in 77 tests.
Jonny Bairstow-6 centuries in 74 tests.
Smith makes everyone look bad

Steve Smith - 27 centuries in 77 tests.
Ben Stokes - 10 centuries in 71 tests
Ajinkya Rahane - 12 centuries in 73 tests


Hall of Fame Member
While in a sensible world this would surely be the end of his test career, I have the feeling we'll get the sight of his middle stump flat on the ground in test again soon enough.