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Australian domestic season 2021/22


International Captain
Rainbird seems to love the random bonkers spell out of nowhere. Has happened a few times now.
Good call. Definitely can remember South Australia being on the receiving end of such a spell before.

Probably what has kept him around for so long, the ability to have the occasional seensational day. Because otherwise an average of well above 30 when he plays his home games in great bowling conditions is... not brilliant


International Regular
He really is a weird player. 6ft tall, swings it both ways, decent pace, capable of shredding lineups and plays his home game on an absolute greenrtop.

If you read me those descriptors I would expect Wasim JR not a guy who averages >30 in first class.


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Just realised that none of the entire NSW Top 7 were born before 1999. So I was 5 when the oldest NSW batsman in today's game was born. What the ****?

tony p

State 12th Man
Sam Rainbirds figures of 8-21 are the BEST ever first-class figure by a Tas bowler. :clap:
Previous best figure were 8-31 back in 1858 by William Brown. (164 years ago)

Previous best shield figures for Tas was 8-95 by Peter Clough v WA in launceston in 1984.


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NSW officially knocked out, not that there was any doubt after Victoria's 'effort'. Wonder if we see some retirement announcements now