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Australian domestic season 2021/22


Cricketer Of The Year
Am I the only one wondering wtf was up with Victoria's statement earlier today?

Why would they withhold information like that, why wouldn't they just say it straight that it was concussion related.

Really poor form imo


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Why the **** is our most talented opener under 35 so concussion-prone.

**** me. Need to pray at this point Hunt is actually good and/or Wyllie kicks on fast.


International Regular
Just can’t see how Pucovski can carry on like this without seriously damaging his health. Feel terrible for him.

Harvey Hosein may not be in Pucovskis league but he had to cut his career short for similar issues :(


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Match referee Simon Fry was spotted having a chat with an animated Redbacks coach Jason Gillespie near the South Australian dug-out before the commencement of Victoria's innings. He then walked across to do the same with Handscomb.
wonder if gillespie was questioning whether a concussion suffered in warm up allowed for a sub


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Have the doctors already told told him it isn't smart to continue? Should prob take up indie wrestling if he can take this much punishment to the head.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
It’s just really sad. You can’t fault the blokes desire or resilience to keep coming back from as many set backs as he has.

I hope, if he does give it away, that support is available for his transition to post-playing life.


likes this
How does he keep getting hit in the head?

Pucovski alone must be responsible for 50% of all concussions in Australian cricket over the last 5 years