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Australian Domestic Season 2020/21


Hall of Fame Member
Just watched the Labuschagne lbw.

Plumb lbw, commentator "That's a gutsy decision from the umpire".


Hall of Fame Member
There's no bounce at all at KRO. Bartlett bowled a bouncer that barely got waist high.

Edit: Steketee getting a lot more bounce. Bartlett probably not short enough.


State Vice-Captain
Also, the New Zealanders on the forum to comment on Pucovski's reminding one of the commentators of Hamish Marshall

Prince EWS

Global Moderator
I think it's getting a bit awks with Gannon. CA banned him a few years back but let him come back after "remodelling"... and if we set aside what we think of his action, he's now probably part of Australia's second best attack.

I was thinking about this making this post a couple of days ago and thought it'd be best to make after he had 3/30 this week, and he has 0/30 instead but I'm day-drunk (watch out @Adders) so I'm going to make it anyway. But either way I do think a time is coming when CA need to **** or get off the potty, so to speak. If his action is excluding him from selection, we shouldn't be subjecting Shield batsmen to it either.


State 12th Man
Small sample size but been impressed by the little bit green's bowled today 8-1-15-1 and half those runs have come from edges.

aussie tragic

International Vice-Captain
SA all out for 200. Pucovski 175*, the latest Australian opener has emerged :)

This is what I love about him, when he gets a hundred he goes big (like Bradman and Lara)
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International Coach
Can't say I'm thrilled with Green's action - looks like nearly the same, there's still a big counter rotation, and that if anything the wrong approach may have been taken and they've tried to keep his hips more open.
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aussie tragic

International Vice-Captain
Pucovski and Harris at 0-330 are within 45 runs of the all-time opening partnership record for Victoria (375) set by the ATG openers Woodfull and Ponsford 94 years ago.