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Australian Domestic Offseason 2011


International Coach
General Manager of Team Performance: Rod Marsh
Coach: Steve Rixon
Chairman of Selection Panel: Trevor Hohns
Part time selectors: Border, Fleming


Cricketer Of The Year
A 40 page executive summary... goodness!

It's good to see that player skills is there, and also interesting that there's a section on improving the culture of the team.

That new head coach job looks pretty massive... coach the Australian team, oh and by the way, when you've got a bit of time, develop and lead an overall coaching strategy for Australian cricket. I wonder who will get it.


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1.4. Improve the Australian Team’s skills
The evidence from the Ashes and other recent series is that our basic cricket skills are
lacking in key areas, in particular:

 For batting
— Batting for long periods
— Batting against the moving ball
— Our approach to playing spin
— General batting technique in some instances

 For bowling
— Building pressure
— Bowling to an agreed plan
— Spin bowling and captaincy of spin bowling
— Swing bowling, including generating reverse swing

 For fielding
— Overall fielding, especially catching
— General athleticism
— This has extra significance as in the panel‟s view fielding standards reflect the
attitude and professionalism of the team

 For our overall approach:
— Building batting and bowling partnerships
— General game sense/match awareness and cricket expertise, including the ability to
problem-solve during the course of a match




Yeah, Moe, that team sure did suck last night. They just plain sucked! I've seen teams suck before, but they were the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked.


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2.2.1. Increase the strength of our supporting competitions (p27) is pretty interesting. about domestic cricket/grade/2nd xi and it's pretty much on the money.


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quoted for posterity


so for now it looks like clarke/nielsen will be on the panel on a temporary basis.
Yeah, confirmation. Clarke/Nielsen are both selectors now. And will be helping select the team for tomorrow.


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Clarke to use the "AT LEAST I HAVE A JOB HERE" card when he, Nielsen and Chappell get in a dispute imo


International Captain
Key recommendations made to the Board included:
Retaining a 10-round Sheffield Shield competition with multiple Shield rounds before the first Test each year.
• Reviewing the Futures League, recognise Grade cricket as a vital part of pathway, review the composition and structure of under-age competitions, ramp up Australia A and use it as a genuine 2nd XI.
Reviewing Australian cricket’s first-class pitch strategy, with each pitch to offer a balance between bat and ball, and each pitch to be unique to local conditions, offering Test-equivalent conditions.
• Improving injury management.
• Improving national coaching systems.
• Aligning cricket’s incentive systems, including the MOU, to give greater emphasis to linking reward with performance and to ensure player payment incentives for Test cricket reflect its position as cricket’s premium format.
• Reviewing the number of CA contracts.
Carefully assess Big Bash League private ownership implications to ensure private ownership does not incentivise BBL expansion in a manner compromising CA’s goal to be number one ranked Test nation.
Big fan of the bolded recommendations.


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Haven't read the review itself, but it seems they've identified some key issues. Now to see whether they're addressed


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Also, with a new selection panel, I wonder whether we'll see the return of katman and dougy
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International Captain
With Clarke as one of the selectors I like the chances of Doug getting back in...less..er..certain for the Katman.


International Captain
What does it mean A tours will be looked,at does that mean more A tours?
And i thought we already sent our 2nd xl squad,unless they mean people like voges get in.