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Australia v Pakistan (BRING IT ON!) at the Ring of Fire, Dubai-- 11/11 Thursday (N), Semi-final #2


likes this
should have run through for the 2nd anyways, such red-ink chasers

Shaheen to rip 3 out early in the powerplay


International Coach
"that was still going when it got into the crowd" yeah generally that is how it works.

15 on the nose.


Global Moderator
After the events of the last couple of months, it will be a pretty epic comeback story when Pakistan wins by beating NZ in the final to go with winning against India for the first time.


Whatever it takes!!!
Good one smith dropping fakhar lol
Great fielder... :laugh:

I think 160-170 was par. This is above par, but I also think there was a lot of dew there towards the end after the 12/13th over, so Pak should be careful. They should win if they do not bottle it in key moments and they have not done that so far in this world cup.

From Australia's PoV, I will question Finch's captaincy. Not getting 4 overs on the trot after a decent start from Starc and Haze, keeping Haze on past 14th over and not bowling Zampa immediately after that good over by Starc, all big errors. Also trying to go for the yorkers in that last over there, although it could well have been Starc himself trying to do that.

That said, Dubai usually has a short side boundary and if Aus can keep their lefties in for enough time and use their hitters wisely, I wont put this past them, even if Pak bowl well.