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Australia v Pakistan (BRING IT ON!) at the Ring of Fire, Dubai-- 11/11 Thursday (N), Semi-final #2


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Will Pakistan change their winning combination?

Australia have won all four ICC knockout games against Pakistan: the 1987 World Cup semi-final, the 1999 World Cup final, the 2010 T20 World Cup semi-final and the 2015 World Cup quarter-final.


Global Moderator
Pretty nervous tbh. Worried about a few things, like no balls.

Rizwan and Shoaib were also up and down with the flu. So its a possibility they're out or not 100% for this match.


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I have the luxury of pretty low expectations for this Aus T20 side so I can't see myself setting the alarm for this one. If they get through it's a bonus given where they were at the start of the tourney. I still don't really rate the batting outside the top four (including Smith in that and more for his consistency than explosiveness) at all.


International Captain
Want to see NZ lift the cup and I feel this possibility is higher if they face Pakistan in final rather than Aus so cheering for the men in green today.

Victor Ian

Cricketer Of The Year
Similar to Burgey here. Australia has already gone further than I expected so this is weirdly a World Cup final I can watch without stress. If Pakistan win, I will be happy for them and if Australia win, it will be an unexpected bonus. In a weird way, I think I am equally happy with either team progressing, and slightly hoping for a Pakistan win.


The Tiger King
Will Pakistan change their winning combination?
This WC record is enough to being up the dread in Pak fans. I am really hoping that this time they can beat AUS in a WC knockout match as well, like they beat India in a WC match for the first time. Fingers crossed.


The Tiger King
Pakistan batting first, they've only done that once this tournament. Interesting to see how they'll face up to Stark today.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Australia won the toss and Pakistan's best were hit by a flu. The inferior team may yet sneak again.

For real though, ****ting bricks over here. Starc 5fer incoming.