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Australia v Pakistan 2003 World Cup - Symonds 142* Video


International 12th Man
wang said:
Highlights of the Australia vs Pakistan World Cup 2003 match. Features Symonds 142.


thanx alot i can't forget his inngs in this match. pakistani ballers didn't have any answer for his wonderful batting although they were in control of the match at first.

do u have the india and pakistan match from 2005 the fifth match where shahid afridi makes the second fastest centry. if u have plz upload it
thanx alot bro


State Vice-Captain
wang, although you are a prolific distributor of cricket videos on the internet, CricketWeb isn't that kind of forum and I'm pretty sure its against the forum rules to post videos.


International Vice-Captain
Why is it against forum rules to post videos?

There is no way on earth that James will get sued or anything and i don't see the problem with it.


International Vice-Captain
Acctualy, haven;t taken stock of the situation, i see why, especialy as oyu can hardly see the ball in the bloody clip.


Cricket Web Staff Member
There's no problem if the video clips are your own property (i.e. you filmed a local cricket match or net session yourself), but a captured graphic or clip from television remains the property of the broadcaster or licensee - and what that means is that we could be in trouble for copyright infringement.


International Coach
These videos are publicly available on YouTube and Google though. Shouldn't be a problem.

As long as you're posting the link to the YouTube or Google webpage, it's not a copyright infringement. If you claim it's your own stuff, I guess it would technically be wrong.
But who really cares.


Cricket Web Owner
This youtube.com really gets me. I'm surprised the website hasn't been shut-down, because it seems to contain so much copyrighted material.

I doubt the broadcaster would be happy about this. People on the forum seem to be thinking to these videos more and more, and I don't want us to be see to promoting illegal activites.