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Australia & England Denied to Play warm up matches in Asia

G. S. Kohli

International Vice-Captain
England denied to play warm up matches in bangladesh starting on march 1st

Now Australia doing same for India tour
Because on both tour one by Eng & other by Aus
Track offer for fast bowler only & not for Spin
Bowling track.

So not practice matches by eng in BD & no for Aus.

Aus practices at sydney before heading to india only 120 hours before nagpur test

Khawaja's visa problem sorts out.


Cricketer Of The Year
Australia was not denied warm-up by India. Australia refused the offer and instead preferred to practice in customized spin favoring pitches in Sydney.


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That's not what I heard. I heard this was yet another example of poor hospitality by India to visiting teams. Shame.


Whatever it takes!!!
No, they chose to spend time in Bangalore with the BCCI letting them instruct the curator there on the type of wickets they want for practice.


Global Moderator
This is standard for Australia now, they've been burned too many times in too many places by warm-up matches which are actually worse than useless for preparing for the actual conditions involved that they don't bother.

Of course, this realisation hasn't extended to actually letting touring teams have proper prep matches in Australia either...


International Debutant
You would have thought given how often test matches are one sided in favour of home teams these days (and in Aus in particular that also equates to short matches) that cricket boards would see it in their interests to have well prepared touring teams. But obviously not. Winning is all that matters.