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Aussies Celebration thread


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Well done Australia, been the more consistent team over these first three games. Hopefully they continue it on and really go for a whitewash.


International Debutant
WOO, I've been waiting for this since last year.

Hopefully they can keep up the work and make it a 5-0 whitewash... The job is certainly not done yet though.


Global Moderator
Well done lads - I've have a few well earned beers tonight, you can rest assured! :wine:

Also Warney's still got his 700th wicket to get on Boxing Day - I'll be there with bells on! :)


School Boy/Girl Cricketer
My thread got locked, seems the Poms can't take it. All together now, 1, 2, 3



International Coach
What a fantastic team Australia are.

Honoured to see Warne, Ponting, Gilchrist and McGrath play for the last decade .

It's been a golden period, the last seven years or so.

In 30 years, it'll be remembered as THE golden period in Australian cricket.