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Aus A in Pakistan


International Coach
Australia A team ll visit in September and they will not play match in Karachi.

Aus A team will paly 3 ODIs and 2 four day matches in Pakistan

Aus A vs Pak A :
1st ODI : 4th September - Lahore
2nd ODI : 7th Septembr Sheikhupura
3rd ODI : 9th September Lahore

1st 4 Day Match : from 12 Sept. in Rawalpindi
2nd 4 Day Match : from 19th September - Lahore


Y no Afghanistan flag
A bit light on in the batting, especially for the 4 day games. When do Pakistan name there side?


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Good chance for Jaques and Rogers to fight out for the openers spot, as well as MacGill and Hilfenhaus to prove that they should be in the Test team.


International Debutant
Lol I predicted they'd pick MacGill :cool: , it's important to see how he's travelling heading into the summer given that his last coupla season with NSW havent been too flash.
Also good to see McDonald/Bollinger in the A team.

The Sean

Cricketer Of The Year
A little surprised they named Voges skipper ahead of Cameron White, but will be interesting to see how the boys get on.


Y no Afghanistan flag
I think Ronchi is extremely lucky to make the squad for 4 dayers. I think Hartley should come in for them.

I'm a bit surprised too with the captaincy.


International Debutant
I'm sure Edmondson and Magoffin can count themselves extremely unlucky imo.
Yeah a couple of years ago when they picked Dorey I was suprised, because Magoffin seems to do exactly the same job as him only better lol...granted he's a tad shorted but he looked like the better bowler to me. Still not sure if he's even gonna be international standard though tbh.

Edmondson looked a decent prospect when i saw him last, he's very strong and athletic bowled with impressive pace and moved the ball away off the seam, but Ive got doubts over his control. He's one of those bowlers who the batsman never seem to look comfortable against he always looks like he's on top...even when his figures are cr*p (which is often to be fair lol) you always get the impression he's in the game...I'd call him unlucky.

I think the guy who can be most disapointed is Adam Griffith from Tasmania, I think he's the best bowler in the country without a test or ODI cap, has excellent control and bowls a very heavy ball plus he's a very intelligent bowler.
Was suprised to see Noffke included because I think he's missed the boat tbh, back in about 2003 I was a big fan but I think he's lost a little in terms of penetration since then, spose his batting helps though.


You'll Never Walk Alone
If anything Noffke is just starting to really mature as a bowler. Been awesome lately.

Get Dan Cullen in there and put Heal in. Love Aaron Heal. Been superb of late.


State Regular
Sturat Mcgill against young Pakistani batsmen....that will be a very good challange for Pak A batsmen....should be good series!

anybody remember what was result of the games of PAk A or Pak U19 tour of AUs just last year...i cant find the results...and can someone tell me what were outstanding performaces from both side


Hall of Fame Member
Cosgrove & Griffith definately unlucky to miss out IMO. Even if both probably didn't have the most superb of seasons just gone.


Y no Afghanistan flag
Good call Iamdavid on Adam Griffith, I have a feeling that Noffke took that final place. Perhaps due to his better batting skills.


Hall of Fame Member
Whats the deal on Riaz Afridi, Salman Qadir, remember them from past under-world cups. What are the chances of them appearing in this series?


International Coach
Not quite, he's pretty fragile and gets injured often they are working on his fitness in the acadamy.

Anwar Ali and Akhtar Ayub will definatley feature in this series.
Looking forward to Anwar Ali in that case. Can you tell me more about Akhtar Ayub (pace, swing, accuracy)?


Global Moderator
He was actually the quickest of the bowlers from the winning Pak U/19 side at the World Cup, and bowled first change. He was clocked in the high 130s there. Was pretty skiddy, and wasn't a huge mover of the ball. Was pretty accurate though, from what little I saw of him.


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Jack, have you seen much of Bollinger? If so, what do you think of him as a left arm quick?