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Asian Games (September 19th- October 7th)


International Captain
A T20 Competition which is part of the Asian Games (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2022_Asian_Games)

Mens Groups

Group A: Afghanistan, Mongolia
Group B: Cambodia, Japan, Nepal
Group C: Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand
Group D: Malaysia, Bahrain, Maldives

The Winners of each group will qualify for the Last 8 where there will be Paired with any of India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Womens Groups

Group A: Indonesia, Mongolia
Group B: Hong Kong, Malaysia

India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh Qualify for the Last 8 automatically. Not sure how they will get 4 qualifiers or if a Prelim Round is actually required.


Women’s cricket

September 19, 0930: Indonesia v Mongolia
September 19, 1430: Hong Kong v Malaysia
September 20, 0930: Qualifier quarter-final (TBD v TBD)
September 21, 0930: Quarter-final (India v TBD)
September 21, 1430: Quarter-final (Pakistan v TBD)
September 22, 0930: Quarter-final (Sri Lanka v TBD)
September 22, 1430: Quarter-final (Bangladesh v TBD)
September 24, 0930: Semi-final (TBD v TBD)
September 24, 1430: Semi-final (TBD v TBD)
September 25, 0930: Bronze medal match (TBD v TBD)
September 25, 1430: Gold medal match – final (TBD v TBD)

Men’s cricket
September 27, 0930: Nepal v Japan
September 27, 1430: Hong Kong v Singapore
September 28, 0930: Malaysia v Bahrain
September 28, 1430: Japan v Cambodia
September 29, 0930: Singapore v Thailand
September 29, 1430: Maldives v Malaysia
October 1, 0930: Afghanistan v Mongolia
October 1, 1430: Cambodia v Nepal
October 2, 0930: Thailand v Hong Kong
October 2, 1430: Bahrain v Maldives
October 3, 0930: Quarter-final (India v TBD)
October 3, 1430: Quarter-final (Pakistan v TBD)
October 4, 0930: Quarter-final (Sri Lanka v TBD)
October 4, 1430: Quarter-final (Bangladesh v TBD)
October 6, 0930: Semi-final (TBD v TBD)
October 6, 1430: Semi-final (TBD v TBD)
October 7, 0930: Bronze medal match (TBD v TBD)
October 7, 1430: Gold medal match – final (TBD v TBD)



As expected the bigger teams have brought their A Sides over for this