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Ashes tickets


School Boy/Girl Cricketer
Hi there,

Me and a group of people are wanting to go to any days play against Australia at Headingley in Summer, and at the moment it's a ballot where the maximum amount you can apply for is 3. There's 7 people in my group, how best would you recommend getting tickets?



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Be lucky. You could all apply for a few each and if you end up with a few extra you shouldn't have too much trouble getting rid of them. I've applied for that match too so if you get the tickets and i don't, let me know :p


School Boy/Girl Cricketer

Okay, will do. Just realised 7 is a very awkward number, someone may have to be axed. :ph34r: Will let you know if we are succesful and have any unwanted tickets.



International Coach
Well my mate is a member and he got 4 tickets for us, so I would assume that it would be very hard to get 7 tickets if you aren't a member. I'd try ringing the Headingley phoneline or something like that.


Hall of Fame Member
Yeah it's going to be difficult for everyone, it's a shame we dont have bigger grounds in the UK. The prices also meant that I had no chance of getting them at this time of year. Will have to hope that I get tickets through someone my Mum knows through work who is an MCC. Gets us tickets for Lords most years.